How to Get an Estimate on Shipping Weight before Making Purchase and Save on Shipping?

One of the key advantages of using Buyandship is our pricing. Most international shipping providers charge using volumetric weight, which can end up quite costly. At Buyandship, we charge you based on the actual weight of your parcel in pounds (lbs).

Although there is no way for us to accurately advise you on the weight before you buy and/or send it to our warehouse. There are, however, some ways you can estimate.

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Sign Up Get US$5 – Refer a Friend Get US$5 Each!

If you are NEW at Buyandship, sign up for free and get US$5 Buyandship points as a starting credit! So you can ship your first pound with Buyandship for only 1US$! Simply register here: Sign Up Are you already a member and happy with our Buyandship service? Tell your friends and get another US$5 each! How it works? Go to your account, click “Referral” and you will find a Friend Referral Number or a Friend Referral Link. Share the Friend Referral Number with a friend or share the link on Facebook or a blog post. As soon as your friend registered as a Buyandship member through your referral number or link, and completed his first order via Buyandship, both of you will automatically gain 5 points on your Buyandship accounts! These 5 points can be used for your next Buyandship order! There is no limit, the more friends you refer,..

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How To Shop at Taobao – Shopping Tutorial

Taobao is full of amazing deals and affordable must-haves, from clothing, accessories, electronics, to homeware goods, there is nothing you can’t shop at Taobao.♥ If you also want to shop at Taobao, this handy step by step shopping tutorial will help you! We will walk you through browsing, purchasing method, and the best thing: with Buyandship you can ship everything to our China warehouse! Step 1: Understand the Homepage and register as a member This page is the Homepage ~ it might look overwhelming on the first glance, but we help you with this overview. We’ve translated the column on the left, which shows you the general categories of goods that Taobao offers. On the top, you can see the white search bar, which will help you to search more specifically for items. So first register as a member with the button in the black square. These pages can be..

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