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Must-Buy Products in Australia

May 12, 2019

We have finally launched the long-awaited Australia warehouse! If you are still not sure where to shop, checkout our hot picks!

*Following prices are for reference only.

1. Swisse Health Products

You’ve surely seen a Swisse advertisement before. Swisse is one of the most famous Australian brands for supplements. The brand’s bestsellers are The women’s ultivite which provides a mixture of vitamin B, C, and iron to fit a women’s needs. But their wide range of supplements offers everything from better sleep to liver detoxification tablets, to match everyone. Prices are up to 50% cheaper than in India, so it’s worth shipping them with Buyandship!

Shop online at Chemist Warehousehttp://bit.ly/2FW3K0C

2. Blackmores Health Products

Blackmores is another well-known health care product brand of Australia. Among those, the bestsellers are their evening primrose oil and the pregnancy nutrients. Many large pharmacies in Australia sell Blackmores 50% cheaper than in India. More recommendations? If you have a pet at home, check out the Blackmores PAW pet and health care products!

Shop online at Chemist Warehousehttp://bit.ly/2ULEkMv

3. Oroton Handbags

Ladies, attention! Australia has the it-brand for handbags, that even the Duchess of Sussex approves! It’s called Oroton and the design is sleek and timeless, the perfect gift to yourself! And sometimes they offer discounts!

Oroton Official Websitehttp://bit.ly/2D0Cpd2

4. Colette Handbags and Accessories

If you want to buy a more affordable handbag, Colette is definitely the best choice! There are many different styles of items ranging from clutches, chain bags, wallets and more! Australia is a shopping paradise and offers many brands to an affordable price tag!

Colette Official Websitehttp://bit.ly/2D35412

5. Crumpler Australian Backpacks, Laptop & Casual Bags

If you are looking for a unique and sturdy bag, Australian brand Crumpler is your destination! Due to the design and functionality, Crumpler bags are the perfect bags for either work, leisure or travelling! Furthermore they offer lifestyle accessories such as camera bags and phone cases!

Crumpler Official Online Shophttp://bit.ly/2ImCB9N

6. UGG Boots

One of the most famous shoe brands worldwide originated in Australia! What once started as a shoe to keep surfer’s feets warm, has become famous, because of their softness and even celebrities love them! Besides their famous UGG boots, they also offer slippers, flat shoes, sandals and other styles!

UGG Official Online Shophttp://bit.ly/2G4tvvP

7. T2 Tea

T2 is to Australia, what Fortnum & Mason is to the UK! Australia’s largest tea shop, that offers a wide variety of tea and nice gift boxes! Make someone else a thoughtful gift and send them a T2 tea gift box ~

T2 Official Online Shophttp://bit.ly/2Z1eG5B

8. Boobie Bikkies Breastfeeding Cookies

These cookies not only taste good, but they also nourish you as you breastfeed your baby! They are natural and organic and are created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert – Pinky McKay. This product has been sought after many mums around the world!

Boobie Bikkies Official Online Shophttp://bit.ly/2P0LA1V

9. Mecca Cosmetics Shop

Mecca Australia is similar to Sephora, it’s one of their biggest online shop for beauty, skincare, and hair care and offers Australian and US brands, that we can’t get in India! Furthermore, they also have their own Mecca brand called Mecca Max, with best-selling products including their marbled make-up palette and Pout Pop Lipstick!
*Please keep in mind, that we cannot ship liquids to India!

Mecca Official Online Shophttp://bit.ly/2OZRBM4