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Shop The Ordinary From Deciem US and Ship to India

September 29, 2021


Image Source: Deciem US


Whether you’re a novice or skincare expert, you probably heard of Deciem~ it’s an umbrella site of good beauty brands. Being authentic, different, functional, beautiful, and sensibly priced is the few reasons why Deciem is changing the world of Beauty. You probably heard of one of their brands, ‘The Ordinary,’ and how it took over the skincare industry. The problem is, ‘The Ordinary’ products are quite expensive in India. We found a solution for you to save big on these products: Have it delivered via Buyandship and buy it directly from Deciem US. Check out the step-by-step guide we made for you on How to Buy Cheaper The Ordinary Products via Deciem US if you’re curious. You will be surprised at the price difference abroad vs. local price!

Disclaimer: Flammables and Dangerous Liquids are NOT Allowed. Please ask the seller if the liquids you’re planning to send out have flammable labels or are flammable. Don’t forget to double-check everything with our Customer Service Team by sending us a website chat or a simple message on any of our social media platforms. Thank you so much for trusting Buyandship with your overseas purchase, happy shopping!



How to Buy Your Favorite The Ordinary Products From Deciem US at a Cheaper Price


Step 01: Go to the Official Site of Deciem

Okay, first things first, go to Deciem’s landing page.



Step 02: Sign up or Login To Your Deciem Account


Simply log-in to your account if you already have one. And if you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry you can shop first and create an account at the checkout process.


Step 03: Browse Your Favorite Products and Hit “Add to Basket”


Browse Deciem’s US Site for your favorite skincare products. Make sure to review each item carefully and if you’re satisfied with the product/s you’re eyeing, simply hit “Add to Basket”



Step 04: Review Your Basket and Proceed to “Checkout”

If you’re happy with your finds, review your basket one last time and then Proceed to Checkout.



Step 05: Enter Buyandship’s Shipping Details


First, select a shipping method, and in the Shipping section:

  • Please note that your Buyandship USER ID must be in your ADDRESS SECTION
  • And simply enter Buyandship’s U.S. warehouse address for the shipping address.

In order to get Buyandship’s US Warehouse address, log in to your Buyandship account, under the ‘Overseas Warehouse Address’ section, click on the ‘US’ Tab, and voila! All you have to do is just copy and paste.



Once you are done filling out the shipping section, review all the details you input and click “Review Summary”



Step 06: Enter Billing Details & Pay For Your Items


First, encode your Payment information. You can opt to pay via Credit Card or Paypal. Please note that most of our members use AMEX for Deciem payment as it provides a US Billing Address. If you only have a local card, try using our shipping address as your billing address and check if your order pushes through~ Try this at your own risk but it’s always better to use your CC Address as your Billing Address.  Once you’re done, click “Submit Payment” to proceed.



Step 07: Wait For Your Parcel To Arrive on Your Doorstep in India



Last step! All you have to do is sit, relax, and wait for your parcels to arrive at your doorstep in India. Get to enjoy your new cheaper skincare products directly from Deciem USA, happy shopping!